Envision 3D Studio strives to make it’s 3D replications look realistic.

At Envision 3D Studio, we transform your ideas into scaled 3D replicas, models, props and signage, and can create anything you can envision, want or require. Our vast knowledge and extensive experience make our products indispensable to museums, zoos, fisheries organizations, movie and theatre productions, educational centres, retail environments, and much more.

With a love of nature, the artists at Envision 3D Studio began their journey striving to create the ultimate replications. After decades of artful and precision fiberglass modeling, our artists put their wisdom and skill to work with a new 3D computer numerical controller (CNC) foam cutting machine. We now offer accurate, realistic projects of any size or subject matter, limited only by your imagination. And, at a much lower cost to the environment than traditional methods! Want to see your ideas translated into spectacular, durable replicas, models, props or signage? Find out what Envision 3D Studio can do for you

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