What we do

Envision 3D Studio is dedicated to creating high quality replicas of nature that can be scaled up or down to exact dimensions, as well as custom replicas and projects.
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Theatre and Movie PropsCreating a new world has never been easier with our realistic movie and theatre props made to your specification
The desire to transport an audience into a different reality is one of film and theatres most fundamental goals. Creating the illusion is the culmination of the work of hundreds of individuals, all with specific tasks. However, these worlds are fragile and can be shattered with unrealistic props or set pieces. That’s why Envision 3D is proud to offer quality props that embody the same realism, creativity and detail as your production. And our vast experience and CNC equipment allow us to offer you unlimited design freedom.

Foam SculpturesThese diverse, lightweight foam sculptures are ideal for setting any scene you need
From tradeshows to retail and public spaces to themed displays and much, much more, Envision 3D can provide you with exceptionally detailed and creative sculptures for effective advertising or charming atmosphere. Our dedicated model makers have streamlined the sculpturing process with their modern CNC equipment and are now unlimited in the range and array of beautiful, precision sculptures made to your exact requirements.

PrototypesSecure your peace of mind with a flawless prototype of your design
A good, accurate prototype can mean the difference between the ideas and products that are successfully launched into the marketplace, and those that never make it off the page. With a professional prototype from Envision 3D, it’s easy to make a great first impression on investors. Your prototype will answer design questions and speak volumes about your product. Get the competitive edge you need.

Fiberglass Fish ReplicasPerfect for use as educational tools, these eco-friendly replicas are undeniably lifelike
With extensive experience preserving fish (spanning back to 1993) under our belt, Envision 3D Studio has taken it’s fish replication to the next level with durable, fiberglass models. By living by our catch and release philosophy, it is no longer necessary to kill the fish in order to replicate it, which allows us to promote sustainability and a better harmony with the fish life cycle and eco-system. We also replicate fossils, fish fillets, dried fish, eggs, crustaceans and various sea life, and have a catalogue of over 300 breathtakingly realistic moulds.

Custom Crown MoldingsCreate an air of class and grace with crown moldings created to your unique specifications
Crown Moldings provide instant, stunning visual improvement to any area by lending a tasteful air of dimensional integrity and finalization. Applying our highly developed craftsmanship and skill for efficiency, Envision 3D can translate any custom design into the perfect transition from wall to ceiling. Not to mention, we can create custom models to match your exact imaginings!

3D Replicas Built to Scale3D replicas scaled to your biggest ideas
When upsizing or replicating a sculpture, piece of art, or creature, preserving accuracy is critical. Trying to maintain precision with manual sculpture methods is inevitably slow and labour-intensive. Bring in Envision 3Ds CNC machine and these worries shrink away. And, thanks to this technology, if it exists in nature or outside of it we can create you a copy. With potential to size anything up or down, we provide for endless applications!

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