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Envision 3D Studio is dedicated to creating high quality replicas of nature that can be scaled up or down to exact dimensions, as well as custom replicas and projects. Click on one our our services below to read more...

What types of applications can our work be utilized for?

Amusement parks, shopping malls, retail environments, advertising, trade show exhibits, sculptures and props, whatever your need is, we can carve you an eye-catching, unique and realistic model. And we can size anything up or down to exact dimensions! Find out what Envision 3D Studio can do to satisfy your needs in your industry.

Theatre and Film

Need your superhero to lift a boulder? Lightweight and durable, Envision 3D Studio provides props and set pieces virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Texturize your landscape!


Working with a theme? Envision 3D Studio can create models to your specifications and can be trusted to help class up and add visual interest and appeal to any establishment.


To provide clear and effective learning tools, you’ll need examples that are completely true to life. Envision 3D Studio has provided fish replicas to Fisheries and Oceans, Sustainable resources and non profit organizations. The realistic models are used to educate sport fishermen and women on how to identify the various species.

Envision 3D Studio models can be utilized to tastefully merge elements of nature with urban atmosphere. Give your environment interest and style!

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