About Envision 3D Studio & Dave Hrycun

Our Mission

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality replicas of nature at the lowest cost to the environment, while maintaining superior client satisfaction.

With a distinct talent for art and an avid interest in wildlife, Dave took up the art of taxidermy at the age of 14. A naturalist at heart, Dave studied Wildlife and Fisheries Technology.Through a variety of nature-related jobs, became familiar with various aspects of his local Canadian flora and fauna and was also able to travel the world. Eventually moving to Victoria, British Columbia, Dave began Fishermans Tale Re-Creations in 1993, which specialized in fiberglass fish replicas. Boldly experimenting with various molding techniques, he was soon recognized as North Americas premier aquatic reproduction specialist. His intuitive ability to develop highly realistic models soon caught the attention of museums, interpretive and cultural centres across the continent. Over the years, Dave accrued new design skills and in 2010, he combined them with his previous techniques to head up his new company, Envision 3D Studio Inc. Daves models are now being used as educational tools and displays worldwide.

Who is Envision 3D and what are we all about?

Since 1993, Envision 3D Studio, a leading 3D modeling and replica company, has been serving worldwide industries, including education, tourism, and film. Through the application of a computer numerical controller (CNC) and years of experience creating fiberglass replicas, the company consistently supplies clients with stunningly realistic, environmentally-friendly models. Envision 3D Studio modeling experts provide customized service, fulfilling each unique vision down to minute specifications. The company enables the protection of scores of wildlife by promoting a catch and release philosophy supporting a sustainable eco-system.

With origins in the art of taxidermy, Envision 3D Studio moved into fiberglass replica’s with a strong focus on recreating fish, which keep longer and are easier on the environment. Conventional taxidermy practices require killing the fish and preserving it through skin-mount methods. With Envision 3D Studio’s approach, fish can be measured and released back into the wild to spawn again continuing their life cycle. Meanwhile, clients are left with an exact and permanent reminder of the fish they caught.

Now with the acquisition of the CNC, Envision 3D Studio is wholly unlimited in the lifelike designs it can offer, and with a very low cost to the environment. Envision a durable 3D replica with a conscience.

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