Beef Snack Sticks in a Dehydrator

About: I a 45 year canada goose store old Systems Architect living in the Midwestern United States. We try to eat right, cook well, and improve our health. Sometimes however, you just crave that one thing that you know is really bad for you. Much less expensive, made with ingredients you can actually identify, and versatile in terms of flavor, these homemade beef snack sticks may buy canada goose jacket be just what the doctor ordered when the craving hits online website .

This Instructable covers the basics of making Canada Goose sale snack sticks, but by no means will it result in snack sticks that taste like Slim Jims. With a little experimentation, you might be able to duplicate the taste, if not the texture. We prefer to canadian goose jacket invent canada goose black friday sale our flavors, whether it be canada goose uk shop pizza, teriyaki garlic, or spicy habanero. For this example, we will be using a pre mixed spice blend that comes with it’s own bag of Canada Goose Coats On Sale curing salts to keep canada goose sourcing ingredients simple.

A few caveats before we begin. As always, safety first. This Instructable involves working with raw meat canada goose factory sale for extended periods. Ensure everything is clean and sanitary before beginning. Also, ensure that you have set aside sufficient time. The preparation steps can take upwards of canada goose clearance two hours, and the snack sticks will be in the dehydrator for canada goose uk outlet 6 8 hours. In addition, stuffing meat into casings is a job really meant for two people, so it pays to have an assistant. Fortunately, in our house we have teenagers that like to cook. :)Step 1: Ingredients and Gear

In order to keep the cost of making these snack sticks down, we look for bargains on beef and pork roasts. When we find them, we buy enough to make a canada goose uk black friday batch of these. We use a combination of beef and pork, but you cheap Canada Goose can use 100% beef if you like. Be sure it is 80/20 meat to fat ratio. If you use a lower fat meat like venison, you should add at least canada goose coats 20% pork. We will also be adding citric acid to give the snack sticks a slightly tangy flavor.1 4lb beef roast 1 1lb pork roast 7 tbsp 1 tsp NOTE: The Seasoning mix includes a separate packet with enough Prague Powder 1 to cure 30 lbs of meat1 tbsp (optional)Gear:

A with OR Canada Goose Jackets A plus OR plus (with small tube) Sharp Knife (the one pictured is a ) Plastic tub or tubs with lids large enough to hold 5lbs of meat Cooking Twine Large steel mixing bowls21mm is a fairly large casing size (technically it is a breakfast sausage casing), hence these are jumbo snacks sticks. You can find 15mm casings which are about the size of a Slim Jim, but the nozzles for stuffers and guns are hard to find and it uk canada goose is a very, very difficult process to force the meat mixture through such a small tube. For this reason I don’t recommend using a casing smaller than 19mm.

Depending on how comminuted (finely ground) and how lean your meat is, uk canada goose outlet you may need to use an encapsulated citric acid AFTER your meat is ground for the last time.

Be sure before you start that the meat is cooled to at least 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Cube the roasts and grind using a cheap canada goose uk coarse grinding plate. Once all the meat has been canada goose clearance sale ground, place it in the plastic tubs and set the tubs in the Canada Goose Online freezer for about 30 minutes. The warmer the fat, Canada Goose Parka the harder it is to grind it, and the more it threads around the insides of the grinder. Add 1 cup very cold water or shaved ice and mix by hand for at least 3 minutes.

If using, do not add the citric acid yet . Citrix acid powder is an encapsulated crystal shouldn’t be run through Canada Goose online a grinder.

Remove the tubs from the fridge or freezer and grind again using the small plate. This will sure the meat mixture is canada goose coats on sale the proper consistency almost emulsified, which will make for a better textured snack stick. Interesting side note, this buy canada goose jacket cheap is also how the consistency of Canada Goose Outlet hot dogs and bologna are reached.