Anthony Damaska, 28, of the 600 block of Sherman Street, was ordered held in lieu of. 30, 2016″ > >Third man in Downers Grove armed robbery convictedA man who was accused of wielding a gun during a Downers Grove Radio Shack holdup was found guilty Friday night of armed robbery, DuPage County prosecutors said. Against Brandon Jones, 22, of Woodridge, capping a trial that began Tuesday.

cock rings The Mi 6, on the other hand, (also) comes with a dual camera setup on the rear 12 megapixel+12 megapixel where one lens is wide angle while the other is telephoto. The Mi 6 offers 2X optic zoom and 10X digital zoom and should technically result in clearer distant shots and professional bokeh effects in portraits. The dual camera system on board the Mi 6 is assisted with 4 axis OIS. cock rings

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anal sex toys Difficile, MRSA, VRE the really dangerous hospital borne superbugs that these facilities are really concerned about.”CleanSlate has already tested its $4,500, microwave oven sized device at three Ontario hospitals and is taking pre orders for the next version, which will come out next year. (CleanSlate)CleanSlate has already tested its $4,500, microwave oven sized device at three Ontario hospitals. Mann said it could be positioned at hospital entrances, the entrances to units such as intensive care, and at nursing stations, so staff can disinfect their devices between patients and before they leave at the end of the day so they don’t bring hospital germs home to their families.Currently, Mann said, that kind of disinfection is done using wipes containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide, which can destroy the touch sensitivity of a smartphone’s screen over time. anal sex toys

butt plugs Nah, nothing interesting was on the board, I think one minion was caught in their enchantment. He had 2 blockers and I had 4 minions, and the winning play was to hold back the goblin, swing with the three and then sac it for the last bit of damage. Instead he stayed at 3 health butt plugs.