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The lowest dose compatible with an optimal response is recommendedIf benefits are not evident after a reasonable trial periodpatients should be slowly withdrawn from the drugsee WARNINGS Abrupt Drug Withdrawal

Intrathecal massCases of intrathecal mass at the tip of the implanted catheter have been reportedmost of them involving pharmacy compounded analgesic admixturesThe most frequent symptoms associated with intrathecal mass are1decreased therapeutic responseworsening spasticityreturn of spasticity when previously well controlledwithdrawal symptomspoor response to escalating dosesor frequent or large dosage increases2pain3neurological deficit/dysfunctionClinicians should monitor patients on intraspinal therapy carefully for any new neurological signs or symptomsIn patients with new neurological signs or symptoms suggestive of an intrathecal massconsider a neurosurgical consultationsince many of the symptoms of inflammatory mass are not unlike the symptoms experienced by patients with severe spasticity from their diseaseIn some casesperformance of an imaging procedure may be appropriate to confirm or rule-out the diagnosis of an intrathecal mass.

LIORESAL INTRATHECALbaclofen injectionis a muscle relaxant and antispasticIts chemical name is 4-amino-34-chlorophenylbutanoic acidand its structural formula is:

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due to the beneficial effect on muscle contractions and the consequent relief from pain, lioresal intrathecal improves your mobility and your ability to manage your daily activities without aid.