Passenger planes of Finnish national airline company Finnair stand on the tarmac of Helsinki international airport November 16, 2009. REUTERS/Markku Ulander/LehtikuvaThe airline board had approved a supplementary pension arrangement for Chief Executive Pekka Vauramo, counter to the state recommendations for companies in which it holds significant stakes.That prompted an angry comment from economy minister Mika Lintila, who said in October that he could propose changes to the board.Finnair said on Wednesday that Jussi Itavuori, the chairman of the board compensation and nomination committee, had informed the company he would quit the board at the next shareholder meeting on March 20.The company proposed former Air Canada CEO Montie Brewer and Henrik Kjellberg, a former executive at travel company Expedia, as new board members.Minister Lintila said he had been informed on the proposal in advance and that he hadn pressured Itavuori.has made his own decision, I had nothing to do with it, he told Reuters.The state owns 55.8 percent of Finnair. Itavuori was not available for a comment.The airline has faced many uproars over executives compensation.

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