Best triptans to be used to stop headache, might try nasal zomig, relpax, eletriptan frova, treximet, all may work far better than imitrex.

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If you have a higher risk for heart problemssee Precautionsyour doctor may perform a heart exam before you start taking sumatriptanHe/she may also direct you to take your first dose of this medication in the office/clinic to monitor for serious side effectssuch as chest painTalk to your doctor for details.

You may receive your first dose in a hospital or clinic setting to quickly treat any serious side effects.

Frequency not reportedAccommodation disordersblindnessconjunctivitisdiplopiadisorders of scleralow visioneye edema and swellingeye hemorrhageeye itchingeye painexternal ocular muscle disordersflickeringkeratitismydriasisscotomavisual disturbances.

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as to the side effects, wouldn t think these would be considered serious enough to avoid the benefit of imitrex.