Focus and History

Where did Envision 3D Studios come from?
Our origins in taxidermy provided us with intimate knowledge of animals and anatomy and extensive experience in creating long-lasting products. But as nature-lovers, we have since sought a better way and with innovation, it was possible to change the way we achieved our models. We eventually moved into casting fiberglass replicas in order to support our catch and release philosophy, which emphasizes the creation of models without the harvesting of animals.

What are we focusing on now?
Our New Edge in Carving
As we move forward with our new 3D computer numerical controller (CNC), we are now able to achieve more types of replicas than ever before. With no limitations on subject matter or size, we can efficiently offer intricate, precision products that will redefine the term life like.

For more on the direction Envision is going and how we can benefit you, contact us.