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Plateletsbleeding or clottingEcchymosisepistaxisthrombocythemiaPsychiatricAnorexiaanxietyappetite increaseddepressionnervousnesssomnolence.

The efficacy and safety of CELEBREX for JRA have not been studied beyond six monthsThe long-term cardiovascular toxicity in children exposed to CELEBREX has not been evaluated and it is unknown if the long-term risk may be similar to that seen in adults exposed to CELEBREX or other COX-2 selective and non-selective NSAIDssee BOXED WARNINGWARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS

Plateletsbleeding or clottingEcchymosisepistaxisthrombocythemiaPsychiatricAnorexiaanxietyappetite increaseddepressionnervousnesssomnolence.

Increases in serum potassium concentrationincluding hyperkalemiahave been reported with use of NSAIDseven in some patients without renal impairmentIn patients with normal renal functionthese effects have been attributed to a hyporeninemichypoadosteronism state.

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