Catch and Release Philosophy

In the past, when groups or individuals desired to use a fishl for educational purposes or d’cor, the creatures would be harvested and brought to a local taxidermist for preservation. While indisputably lifelike, the mounted ornaments came at the highest price to nature.
Today, however, by living true to our catch and release philosophy, it is no longer necessary to kill the fish in order to replicate it. Once the fish is caught, it’s measurements (length and girth) are taken, photo’s and then it is immediately released. This information is passed to Envision 3D Studio and used to create a flawless, fiberglass model from an inventory of moulds. If the mould does not exist. arrangements can be made to create a custom mould. The best part is, the measurements can be taken just once, yet infinite models can be made, saving hundreds upon hundreds of the species. This allows us to promote sustainability and harmony with the eco-system, while still providing clients with the eye-catching replicas they desire. Contact Envision 3D Studio for quality replicas with a conscience.