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buy moncler jackets I agree. While it peculiar that people are suddenly upset about this, and it very peculiar that former neo conservative outlets like Fox News (who, imo, was the main PR arm for the Bush administration national security policies in the first place), I glad that people are starting to talk about this on both sides of the aisle.

Just a comment about the uproar though: you have to understand the politics of this. If Obama reduced the scale of the national security apparatus during his administration and there happened to be a terrorist moncler jackets toronto attack, he would get blamed for it even if the apparatus would have done nothing to stop it. The moncler coats for women other issue is that Obama gets his briefings from intelligence agencies, who obviously have a vested interest in the moncler coats growth of intelligence agencies.

moncler sale outlet That said, to play devil advocate, perhaps there really are huge threats that the government doesn tell us about and the only option is a system as complex and massive as this. Maybe if we knew the scale of the threats then we would be ok with this level moncler outlet online store of moncler outlets uk surveillance. It not out of the realm of possibilities. We should be skeptical of government but we also should not automatically jump to the worst possible Discount Moncler Coats conclusion. As citizens, I guess we won really know for sure whether this whole thing is justified until years from now when hopefully all of the info is declassified.

cheap moncler jackets I glad to see my post make the front page of Reddit Politics! Edit: And the reddit front page

moncler mens jackets If you want more information on this subject, you should pick up “Top Secret America: The Rise of moncler outlet kids the New American Security State,” a moncler jackets book by Dana Priest and William Arkin, whose research this documentary was based off of (Dana is featured in the documentary). I only halfway through the book but it pretty unbelievable so far.

cheap moncler outlet It refreshing to finally learn information about this subject untainted by conspiracy theories. They just serve to muddle the discourse and make people feel weird about speaking out on subjects womens moncler jackets like this. The mainstream account is already pretty crazy; no need to embellish it like Alex Jones www.hotmoncleroutlet.com or the others do.

moncler outlet online Now lets hope I don get whisked away by men in black in the middle of the night tonight.

cheap moncler PS: moncler jackets mens This link was number 7 on reddit front page just a few minutes ago and when I refreshed just now, I saw that it not even in the top 250 despite it rapidly gaining steam over the past few hours. Censorship??My finance professor showed the class this today, the first day of our summer class. Obviously you should not work in a job you absolutely hate and you should try to pick a career path that you interested in. But this video moncler coats sale takes it to an extreme. Consider these examples:

moncler outlet sale If I had followed it in high school, I be in a fledgling rock band competing with thousands of others, in an era where everyone is listening to EDM and where moncler outlet online guitar or piano skill is no longer valued unless you at the top of your profession. I know so many kids who would post videos like this on facebook back in the day who are now musicians in cool bands. Some are doing ok but most aren making any money. Almost all of them are giving up and trying to get “real” jobs now.

cheap moncler sale There are tons of people that consider football, or basketball, or hockey discount moncler outlet to be their passion. And they neglect schoolwork throughout high school in order to work at jumping that extra inch, or shaving that extra second off their time, or deadlifting that extra 5 pounds or memorizing playbooks. It good to be active but there are so many people who put all of their chips into being athletically good enough to get into a top college sports program in order moncler jacket online to get into professional sports. If they extremely lucky, they can go to a college program on a scholarship. But then they take easy classes, get terrible grades, don buy moncler jackets toronto make pro, and then end up without remunerative moncler outlet usa careers. Or, for the top 0.001% of aspiring professional athletes that make it into pro sports, the vast moncler outlets usa majority end their careers in their 20 or 30 (often due to injures), quickly run out of savings, and ultimately don have job skills to begin a career that will help them save for retirement. There a very interesting sociology article that looks at this very issue.

moncler outlet store How moncler outlet woodbury about all of the aspiring rappers who are spending all day getting better while neglecting school?

monlcer down jackets moncler chicago We need artists and poets and athletes in society. And we need people that have the mindset in this video. But we also need computer programmers and engineers and paper pushers and school principals and garbagemen and doctors and lawyers and financiers, yadda yadda.

The average person can not live moncler jackets for women off of horseback riding or painting. Take control of your future.

I a 6.9 on the Dawkins scale but I not sure that your argument is totally sound. First off, you have no way of knowing what would happen in that scenario. Maybe God wouldn let a scenario like that happen in the first moncler outlet canada place, making the hypothetical moot. Or maybe he would https://www.hotmoncleroutlet.com reveal his Books to people again if humanity were revived. Maybe he would pick people to write a new Bible consistent with the principles that he decrees, and the Bible would be different than ours insofar that it is about a different set of people who are tested in different ways and who make different decisions. Note that you are starting off with the assumption that God doesn exist and looking at the consequences of cheap moncler jackets outlet that presupposition in a hypothetical Moncler Factory Outlet scenario. You not creating a hypothetical scenario that, in turn, disproves the existence of God.

moncler outlet I see what you saying moncler jackets outlet but, just to play devil advocate, here a scenario that I can imagine happening every day: let say AAPL is doing a large acquisition of another computer manufacturer which is going to knock down AAPL moncler outlet ny stock price, and Goldman advising on the transaction.

moncler sale If a GS TMT analyst gets moncler coats for cheap recruited by Baupost with a 300k salary moncler jackets kids at the age of 24 25 and a Baupost employee sits him down discount moncler jackets in a room and asks him if he has any illegal tips about Apple, I bet you a lot of these kids end up spilling info because: they just landed a well paying, cushy, prestigious job and they don want to get fired and have to explain why they got fired moncler outlet uk in their next interview or explain to their friends why they no longer work at “this SICK hedge fund” that they been bragging about for a month straight. moncler coats for kids And if they rat the fund out to the SEC or something, then the fund moncler coats for men managers will use their connections to make sure the person gets banned from the investment industry. These kids are also trying to become PM one day and make obscene money so they probably don want to rock the boat. Or maybe the analyst is just a kid that never was social in cheap moncler coats for women college and now that cheap moncler jackets wholesale he at a fund, moncler outlet location people want to be his friend to mooch, and he can buy cocaine and expensive bottles of alcohol, and he has the potential of making more money than he could have dreamed of making, and it all depends on whether he keeps this job or not. And “everyone else is doing it.” I could absolutely see tons of people choosing to just make the trade, collect the paycheck and forget about it.

cheap moncler coats Now, it wouldn raise any red flags with regulators if a PM on a different floor then takes the tip from this analyst and invests a modest but not excessive amount through his account. They Official Moncler Outlet don have to buy such a large moncler jackets cheap position that they move the market and make people suspicious. moncler coats cheap They could easily just short 100,000 shares of AAPL in the month before the announcement, wait it out, make an $8 million dollar profit off the moncler outlet store price drop, and then, if they get questioned about it, be like “oh we thought it was moncler jackets on sale a short play because fundamentals looked bad, we built moncler jackets canada a model that valued it low, and we really think China is going to be a big player, blah blah blah.” They don have to disclose that they invested because they heard a tip.