Jerome Dreyfuss is Launching Sunglasses

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Photo: Jerome Dreyfuss Jerome Dreyfuss, known for designing a successful handbag line for cool Parisian girls and being married to the coolest (designer Isabel Marant) doloresnet , added jackets to his repertoire last season and now he’s expanding with another accessory: handmade sunglasses. Dreyfuss collaborated with Meima on the collection, which includes two different stylesa��the Jojo and the Lulua��each of which is available in four colorways. The shades are chic, a little sporty and have a bit of a unisex vibe, so that he and Isabel can share?We spoke to Dreyfuss about the launch, how the cool sunnies go with his handbags, and what’s next for the growing brand.ELLE: Why sunglasses? JD: I had the opportunity to work with Anthony Meyma, a French supplier producing everything in France with artisanal craft men. Plus Canada Goose coat , I liked the idea of making what women need.ELLE: How did you start designing this collection? JD: Anthony sent me a letter saying that all the women from his company carry my bags, and I immediately took that as a sign that we should collaborate. I started by sketching what I envisioned women would wear and Anthony helped realize that vision. Photo: Jerome Dreyfuss – Continue Reading BelowELLE: The glasses are a bit sportier than your bags, do you imagine the same kind of girl wearing them? JD: Oh yes! The women that carry my bags are mix masters, so to speak, and know how to mix and match items in a variety of price points and styles a�� always making it look chic and fashionable.ELLE: What’s next for the brand? Shoes?! JD: Why not? But for the moment, I’m concentrating on expanding my RTW offerings, specifically the leather jackets that I launched last fall.

Jerome Dreyfuss is Launching Sunglasses

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